6 iPhone Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

6 iPhone Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

With the advent of modern cloud technologies, it is easier than ever to get real-time updates and collaborate regardless of geographic location or time zone. Moreover, smartphones and tablets have proven to be invaluable tools for small business owners to manage their operations more efficiently.

If you want to optimize your business processes using your mobile devices, you are in the right place. Read on for some essential tips to seamlessly manage your business from your smartphone or tablet. Tips and Tricks for Business.

1. Digitize your documents

Dreaming of a paperless mobile office? Don’t wait until you have access to a traditional scanner. The Notes app on your iPhone can automatically scan documents automatically, straightening and cropping them so they’re ready to be saved as PDF files.

Here’s how:

Press and hold the Notes app icon. Press and hold the Notes app icon on your Home screen. Select the “Scan Document” option from the menu that appears.

  • Capture Document: Place your iPhone over the document you want to scan. The app will automatically detect the edges, crop, and rotate the document.
  • Auto-Rename: Wait a moment and the Notes app will try to rename your document based on its title. If you don’t like the auto-renaming, you can easily rename your file manually.
  • Save as PDF: Tap the Share icon and select the option to save the scanned document as a PDF file.

Note! Smartphone resources are not unlimited either, so you need to clean up your iPhone memory regularly. The more actively you use your iPhone, the more often you need to clean up its memory. But how can you clean up your iPhone storage without too much effort? CleanUp is an app that scans and deletes duplicate files on your device. The main advantage of the phone cleaner app is that it doesn’t delete any important personal data, it only duplicates photos. You can also compress videos, which can free up a lot of storage space.

2. Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile apps are revolutionizing inventory management by providing real-time monitoring and instant alerts on stock levels. You’ll know immediately if your stock is running low or too high.

Another benefit of mobile apps is that they can automate delivery orders and streamline the replenishment process. For example, if inventory falls below a given threshold, the app can automatically place an order.

A standout feature of mobile technology is barcode scanning capability. To add a new item to inventory, simply scan the item with your smartphone, and you can easily track the item’s movement throughout the supply chain.

3. Streamline Expense Tracking

The easiest way to manage receipts and track expenses is to take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone immediately after making a purchase. Wave’s Receipts feature can track expenses automatically using OCR technology.

Consider recording expenses as they occur to identify spending patterns and cut back where necessary. Some apps even link to your bank accounts and credit cards to automatically update your expense tracker. Scheduling recurring payment reminders can help you avoid late fees, and having easy access to your financial data can help you curb excess spending and manage debt. Many banking apps also send you alerts about unusual activity so you can spot potential fraud.

4. Sync your accounting

Having a reliable way to track financial transactions is essential for any business. The App Store offers accounting apps that sync with your business software to send invoices and track payments from suppliers and vendors in real time. These apps allow you to manage multiple business accounts, create visual reports that give you a quick overview of liabilities, and highlight excess spending. Plus, your employees can create invoices and tax documents on the go, without being tied to their laptops.

5. Separate work and personal emails

Do you receive work emails on your iPhone but want to mute them outside of business hours? Good news! You can set your iPhone to only notify you about private emails.

Just go to Settings > Notifications > Mail. Select your work email account and disable “Allow Notifications.”

Enjoy your break without annoying red spots interrupting your free time. (Of course, this does not affect your SMS, WhatsApp messages or calls.)

6. Task & Time Management App

Stay organized and meet deadlines with our task management app

Live updates and reminders from task management app. Track your time on tasks to increase your productivity and provide transparent billing to your customers.

Most Popular Apps:


  • Google Calendar: Schedule events and share calendars.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Integrates email, calendar, and task management.

Time Tracking:

  • Toggl Track: Flexible time tracking for a variety of projects.
  • Harvest: Ideal for freelancers who need to invoice clients.

Task Management:

  • Asana: Perfect for team collaboration and project tracking.
  • Todoist: Simplify the management of your daily tasks.


You can do many things with your iPhone that you would normally do manually. As you probably already noticed, this includes task management, project management, expense management, transferring documents between the physical and digital worlds, and much more. And this is just a small part of what your smartphone can actually do. However, you will need to search for apps depending on your type of activity.

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