5 Potential Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Potential Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

There has been a burning desire to find elixirs, potions, concoctions, tinctures, or tonics to help heal the ills of humanity for as long as men and women have inhabited Mother Earth. While many of them have been revealed to be nothing more than expertly performed snake oil marketing, there are a few compounds that have been around for centuries and have numerous health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar is one such product that has been around for thousands of years and is now a popular household item. This form of vinegar has been around since Hippocrates’ time, with its origins reaching back centuries. If the “Father of Medicine” recognised the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, it’s probably a good idea for you to do so as well.

Here are some of the top health reasons why you should have apple cider vinegar in your rotation, ranging from treating dandruff and sore throats to soothing mild sunburns and fighting body odour. But, first and foremost, what is it?

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is apple juice that has been fermented with the addition of yeast. Bacteria then convert the alcohol to acetic acid, which gives ACV its distinctive odour and strong, sour taste.

Probiotics from natural-

Probiotics are live microscopic organisms that serve to improve the general health of the bacteria in your stomach. Due to its microbial content, ACV can have a beneficial effect on your stomach, practically acting as a natural probiotic. When ingested, ACV can ease digestion and enhance gut and bacteria health, all of which can lead to a healthier immune system.

Blood Sugar Levels are Improved-

Type-2 diabetes develops when the body becomes resistant to insulin, which usually occurs as a result of chronic high blood sugar levels. Making the body insulin responsive again is one technique to reverse this. This is something that ACV has been shown to help with. While drinking ACV alone is unlikely to reverse diabetes, combining it with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise is an excellent place to start.

Control Acid Reflux-

Not only can apple cider vinegar work as a natural probiotic, but it can also help with stomach issues. For some people, acid reflux is a common symptom. While there is no scientific evidence that ACV helps with acid reflux, it is a common side effect that many people experience when they use it. This could simply be because ACV aids digestion and the bacteria have a probiotic effect, calming the stomach and removing any unwanted guests.

Controlling Your Weight-

The idea that ACV can help people manage and lose weight is one of the most compelling reasons why so many people use it on a daily basis. ACV, when paired with a low-calorie diet, has been shown in several trials to aid weight loss. While it may seem evident that restricting calories will lead to weight loss anyway, there were two groups: one with only a reduced diet and another with a restricted diet plus ACV. The results of those groups’ ladder were better.

While there is only anecdotal evidence, combining ACV with a healthy diet and regular exercise (see our note on blood sugar levels) is an excellent place to start. Another reason ACV may help some people lose weight is that it gives them a feeling of fullness when they drink it, acting as a mild appetite suppressant.


In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death. ACV could be a good way to fight heart disease. Impaired glucose homeostasis and elevated lipid profiles are both risk factors for cardiovascular disease. According to a recent study, daily drinking of ACV may have a beneficial impact on those perimeters.

Medicine from the past-

While the data behind some of these claims may be shaky, the majority of people can benefit from consuming apple cider vinegar on a regular basis. The wonderful part is that it just takes a little to make a big difference. You only need around a spoonful every day. Plug your nose and pour it down the hatch, exactly like the good old medical snake oils of the past.

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